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National Teen Driver Safety Week, Cell Phone Law

19 Oct News

As National Teen Driver Safety Week comes to a close, a new law concerning younger drivers will begin next month.

Traffic crashes kill more teenagers in Wisconsin than any other cause of death. Last year 53 teens lost their lives on Wisconsin Roadways. To help combat this, Governor Scott Walker had proclaimed this week, Teen Driver Safety Week.

State Patrol Major Sandra Huxtable says, “Teens are more likely to crash because they are less experienced drivers…They also tend to speed, drive aggressively and take dangerous risks such as texting while driving.”

The new law going into effect November 1 states that drivers with instructional or probationary licenses can only use a cell phone for an emergency while driving. Violaters will receive a $40 fine the first time, and up to $100 dollars for any other offense within a year.

The DOT says parents must set a good example for safe driving by obeying speed limits, eliminating distractions behind the wheel and always buckling up.