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Foster Dog Alerts Home Owners to Fire Danger

18 Jan News

While the Lincoln County Humane Society often rescues dogs, it was one of their dogs that may have saved a volunteer.

The five month old pit bull named Buffy was recently brought to the Lincoln County Humane Society. In doing a promotional event, the Hinz family asked to take Buffy as a “foster pet,” until a permanent home could be found.

According to the humane society, Buffy’s foster dad took her outside for a break but she refused to go, and kept returning to the front of the garage.

She then sat and growled at the door, which was very out of character for this mellow pup. When the garage was opened, Buffy immediately ran to the box used to store the ash from the furnace.

The ashes had been left outside for several days before being put into the box, but the inside was glowing red and the box itself was charred and hot.

Buffy had alerted the homeowners of a potential fire risk, and they were able to put the embers out before they could fully reignite or spread.

Since that time, the family has decided to adopt the puppy,and also provide a relevant new name. According to the Humane Society, Buffy is now known as Cinder.