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Kazakh Teacher Discusses School Visit with Tomahawk School Board

14 Mar News

The Tomahawk School District Board was given a unique perspective on the school system here in Tomahawk.

For the past 3 weeks the district has hosted Yuliya Gamza, a teacher from Kazakhstan, as part of an exchange program. She teaches English as a foreign language in her school system.

Gamza give her insights into what makes the Tomahawk district successful, while mentioning things she would like to bring back with her.

She first mentioned how the community is a part of the school, along with a strong school identification. This includes people wearing Tomahawk gear and using the school facilities.

As for the actual school day, she really thought the resource hour was beneficial as well as pointing out the technology that is available for student use here in the district. She says that Tomahawk students are really lucky having such a broad range of elective courses such as art, engineering, music and tech ed. classes.

Finally she praised the strength of extracurricular activities such as the recent musical she took in performed by the Drama Department.

She did offer one criticism, which is hardly unique to the Tomahawk district. That was how late that schools start teaching a foreign language. Throughout the discussion Gamza spoke fluently in English, her third language.

She will be with the district through spring break before returning home to Kazakhstan.