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DNR Warns About Multiple Turkey Hits

19 Apr News

As turkey hunting season continues in Wisconsin, the DNR is warning hunters about accidentally over-bagging.

Several incidents have been reported to the DNR in recent weeks of hunters accidentally hitting two birds with a single shot.

Warden Supervisor David Holmes advises hunters to follow the rules of hunter safety and to be sure of your target. That includes knowing what’s in front and what’s behind that target. He says, “Often times in the excitement of the hunt, a hunter can develop tunnel vision and fail to see the other turkeys standing in close proximity to the turkey they intend to harvest.”

Turkey hunters can forget that a shotgun shoots much differently than a rifle, dispersing a pattern of fine shot, rather than a single projectile. As that pattern of fine shot goes further away from the muzzle, it widens out and may unintentionally strike other turkeys standing nearby.

Since turkeys are generally social in nature, especially in the spring breeding season, these birds often stand in close proximity to other turkeys. This may lead to the hunter accidentally killing other birds.

If you accidentally harvest more than one bird and do not have the proper permits, please immediately contact your local conservation warden

The DNR also offered several other reminders. Inland game fishing opens May 4 and anglers can get a 2013 license. They also suggest those interested in trapping this fall, take one of the various trapper safety courses now.