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City of Tomahawk Monthly Meetings Recap

08 May News

The Board of Public Works kicked off last evening’s city of Tomahawk meetings. First up on their agenda was a resolution declaring intent to exercise special assessment powers. This would affect property fronting or abutting 4th Street from Somo Avenue to River Street. The assessment will be based on a front foot basis and would allow an immediate full payment or a 10 year installment plan with interest. The preliminary assessment totals were said to be intentionally on the high end and did not include any grant money or construction savings. Because 4th Street is a main artery road for the city, some downward adjustments will be made to factor in extra lighting and thicker gravel base on this project.

The city is still awaiting word on the Bike trail. The Wisconsin Avenue project has been delayed due to weather and they hope to get that underway in the next couple of weeks. They emphasized that they are keeping in mind the Main Street Memories Car Show at the end of the month. The city will meet with contractors next week to discuss the railroad crossing and South Tomahawk Avenue project to coordinate and get an exact date. The city is still awaiting word on the Community Development Block Grant which is essential for the North 4th Street project. They have been in contact with area legislators to try and move the approval process along. Mike Tolvstad brought up the availability of purchasing a hot box heater that would allow city crews to better cold patch holes in the road over the winter months. The cold weather this past winter often made this difficult.

The board also moved forward with an option to put additional stop signs on Wisconsin Avenue due to pedestrian safety concerns. The board ultimately chose option #2 as presented. This involves removing the right hand no stop and placing a stop sign there creating a 4 way stop. At the other end the stop signs on South Tomahawk would be removed allowing for passage of traffic on Highway 86. An additional stop sign would be placed on Wisconsin Avenue at South Tomahawk.

Finally the Board presented Ed Nystrom with a sign that will eventually be placed at the recently named Ed Nystrom Yard Waste Recycling Center. Mayor Bob Lee said when presenting Nystrom with the award, “The community thanks you for taking this on as a pet project.” Nystrom recently retired and earlier this year they named the yard waste recycling in his honor.

The License and Permits Committee met next and approved 3 new and 5 renewal operator licenses. Then they discussed and ultimately approved 3 separate Fall Ride applications. The first was for the MDA event at SARA Park which is similar to past years. The Thunder Parade was also approved as presented. Finally after some discussion they approved the street dance with an amendment. There was concern about the alcohol and band ending time versus the reopening of the street to traffic. The board moved that time up a half an hour to end at 11 rather than 11:30, which also coincides with the end of the events at SARA Park.

The Finance Committee approved their usual business. The approved the special assessment resolution that public works approved.  Finally Chairman Roger Schlegel gave an update on the Community Development Authority along with the potential new Shopko building. He said it is “not a done deal by any means. He went on to say it is not an easy negotiation and that there needs to be cash flow for the city; they won’t get the city in a hole.”

The Common Council wrapped the day’s proceedings with a short meeting. They approved the ordinance  amending the ATV code to include Main Street and the portions of 4th St. that weren’t included previously. Other items approved include the special event applications waiving open intoxicants for the Fall Ride events, and resolution declaring special assessment powers. In the Mayoral report, Bob Lee said he has been busy with lots of phone calls regarding the various projects in the city. They did not receive the preliminary plat approval for Leather Avenue so there was no discussion or vote on the matter.