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Heat Awareness Day

13 Jun News

As the warmer weather slowly arrives here in Wisconsin, health departments and Emergency Management teams are joining with the National Weather Service to practice Heat Awareness Day, today.

According to the campaign, heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States and Wisconsin far exceeding tornadoes, severe storms and floods combined. Last summer the state of Wisconsin had 24 confirmed heat related deaths, mainly occurring during excessive heat warnings the first week in July.

In an effort to prevent effects from heat, they offer several tips:

-Never leave vulnerable people or animals in a parked car

-Seek cool livable space or shelter at a cooling center during hot periods

-Limit physical activity, drink plenty of water and eat lightly

-Take a cool shower or bath
If you do suffer from a heat related malady, there also have recommendations.

If heat crams develop, stop activity, cool down and replenish with juicy or sports drinks.

When heat exhaustion develops, cool down and seek some medical attention.

In the event of heat stroke, call 911 and cool the victim with cold water until help arrives.

The heat page on has more facts and tips to beat the heat this summer, while remaining safe.