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Tomahawk Police Report

28 Jun News

There was a dog bite complaint near a Tomahawk establishment from the weekend. The victim was able to record the license plate of the animal owner, which came back to a Merrill woman. She was contacted and confirmed the dog, but didn’t not see the bite happen. A vet was contacted and the party’s are following rabies control safety measures.

Officers responded to a heated argument at an area gas station. The reporting party was concerned it could escalate. The officer was able to calm the situation and warned the two men involved. Probation and Parole was also contact to provide details to the agents of the men.

There was a report of a small plastic children’s pool stolen from an area business. A 22 and a 19 year old admitted to taking the item and hiding it behind the corner of the building. The pool was later returned to the business.

A business reported a man parked in their lot with an open can of beer. The man received a verbal warning and was advised not to drinking on that property.

An officer pulled into a gas station Wednesday evening and a 26 year old male took off running. A search was called off due to the storm in the area at the time. Officers did locate drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. A 27 year old in the vehicle was taken into custody on a probation hold and transported into the jail.

There were reports of children on West Leather Avenue traveling up and down the property. The children were asked to stop and became verbally aggressive towards the man. Officers were on a separate call at the time and the offenders were gone upon arrival. The reporting party was instructed to contact police if the incident happened again.