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DNR Offers Discounted Licenses for “Recruiters”

24 Sep News

Hunters that recruit three new people into hunting would be eligible for a half price license the following year, under a new DNR program that seeks to encourage active hunters to introduce new people to hunting.

New hunters or apprentices can purchase a first time hunter’s license for just $5. The apprentice provides a mentor’s DNR customer id number when registering, earning the mentor a recruiter point.

Once a hunter acquires three recruiter points, he or she will receive a half-price license the following year.

Keith Warnke, DNR hunting and shooting sports coordinator says“Becoming a mentor may take a year to accomplish. However, it comes with immediate – as well as lifetime – rewards.”

Those who are interested in hunting but don’t know how to start can also use the rewards program. Warnke recommends asking a friend to take you hunting and explain the program. He says, “There are hunters who can help you. And now it’s easy to reward them for their time.”

For more information on this program, search the DNR website for “mentored hunting.”