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Rhinelander Elementary Students to Stack Cups for World Record

14 Nov News

This afternoon, some Rhinelander elementary classes will join thousands of students across the world in trying for a Guinness World Record.

Their category? Sport Cup Stacking. More specifically they’ll join in the attempt to have the most people sport cup stacking at multiple locations.

For those unfamiliar, the activity involves stacking up cups into pyramids, often at lightning speed. The cups are arranged in stages, a 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and finally a 10 cup pyramid.

Sport Cup Stacking promotes eye-hand coordination, concentration, speed-on-task, use of both hands, and use of both sides of the brain.

As far as today’s record attempt, 2nd grade students at Crescent Elementary will join 37,000 schools in 46 countries to participate.

Those cups will be stacked at 1:00. According to Guinness, the current world record is 412,000 stackers at one time.

This is all part of a larger World Record Day. Guinness has already confirmed the record for fasted 100 meter dash on hands and feet in Japan, and the largest knitted scarf record was set in Norway. (2.15 miles)