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Nomination Paper Deadlines

07 Jan News

The closing of schools and government offices across the state could delay the nomination deadline for candidates planning on running this spring. Here in Tomahawk, the deadline shouldn’t be affected.

The filing deadline for those seeking office in the spring election is today at 5 p.m. However, if offices where the paperwork is to be filed are closed, the deadline is pushed back until 5 p.m. Wednesday. The deadline does not change if the office was closed yesterday but is open today.

City Hall and the Tomahawk School Administrative Offices are planning to remain open, and the Lincoln County offices open at Noon.

Here in the Tomahawk area the mayoral term is up along with three alderperson spots, including a vacancy for Rejeana Ebert’s seat after she announced she would not seek re-election. The school district also has several openings after Pete Wurl and Tim Steigerwaldt decided not to run.