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Lincoln County Board Recap for June

18 Jun News

The Lincoln County Board began their meeting with service recognitions. This includes 10 years for Michael Sundquist in the Sheriff’s Office; 20 years for Cherie Hafeman at UW-extension, Michael Caylor and Timothy Fischer in the Sheriff’s Office, and Sandy Koutnik at Pine Crest; and finally 40 years for Diana Allen in the Health Department.

The board reappointed Phill Rausch and Marie Steffenhagen to the Zoning Board.

Supervisor Bill Zeitz made a motion to include a resolution on next month’s agenda. It would rescind last month’s action to sell a portion of the fairgrounds land to the Humane Society. Corporation Council, along with Chairman Bob Lussow, each stated that last month’s action was immediate. Zeitz voted against the sale last month as well.

Gary Bezucha, the CEO of Northcentral Health Care gave a brief overview of the services they provide, along with some new programs they are participating in. This includes a behavioral health integrated pilot program, a psychiatry residency, a coordinated service program and their transition to electronic records.

In the year to date budget Dan Leydet says that the clerk of courts and district attorneys budgets will be stretched the remainder of the year due to the two significant trials in the County. The Bucki and Baumann trials currently cost $32,000.

Leydet also presented the preliminary 2015 budget tax levy. This is a working document that will change as numbers become clearer. Usually the budget is passed in the fall. As of June 6, the budget included just an increase of less than a percent. Overall the proposed levy was presented at $13.5 million.

There were just two action items on last nights agenda, each passing with minimal discussion. First up with a resolution approving the filling of a vacant position in the highway department. The other was a rezoning a property on Osero Lane from rural residential 3 to rural residential 5.