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Blue-Green Algae Bloom Shows up in Pelican Lake

06 Aug News

The Oneida County Health Department is warning water enthusiasts after an Oneida County Lake has turned up a bloom of blue-green algae.

The DNR has confirmed the increased presence of cyanobacteria, also know as pond scum or blue-green algae on Pelican Lake. Swimmers, boaters and recreational users are urged to avoid direct contact with or use of water due to the toxins produced by this type of blue-green algae.

The blue-green algae, which actually isn’t always blue or green, naturally occurs in Wisconsin waterways, however the warm summer months can cause a bloom that raises the level present.

Exposure can cause a variety of symptoms in both humans and pets. The Health Department says in addition to not swimming in that water, also prevent pets from entering or drinking, and wash with soap if you come into contact with the algae.

Limit or avoid eating fish from the lake; if fish are consumed, remove guts and liver, and rinse filets in clean drinking water.

Do not drink, cook or wash dishes with untreated surface water from these areas; common water purification techniques (e.g., camping filters, tablets and boiling) do not remove toxins.