Plea Deal for Man who Fled Officers in Park Falls in 2016
Published on 10/19/2017 under News The second of two men who sparked a day long search in Price County last summer has reached a plea deal. Adrian Rodriguez, now of Atlanta, was arrested in June of 2016 after fleeing from police in Park Falls. Following the incident, the 25 year old was facing 4 charges. According to court records, he pleaded no contest to a felony charge of escaping criminal arrest. In exchange, he received a deferred prosecution on a possession of cocaine charge, and two misdemeanors were dismissed. Rodriguez received two years of probation with a withheld sentence. He must maintain sobriety and submit a letter of apology, according to the sentence.
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Nicolet College Hosts 'Wisconsin Foodie'
Published on 10/19/2017 under News Food was the topic at a special Nicolet Live event yesterday on the campus. Nicolet welcomed Kyle Cherek, the host of the nationally-syndicated PBS show Wisconsin Foodie. His free presentation, titled 'From the Ground Up,' discussed how food has shaped humanity and how the choices we make today will impact our future. In the lead up to the event, Cherek said, "Food is fascinating to me. Everything from where food comes from and how it's grown to the story of how it is alchemized onto the plate." Prior to last night's public show, he met with Nicolet culinary students in the kitchen. The presentation was just a taste of the 'Wisconsin Foodie' who, in addition to more than 100 episodes of his show, also hosts online Chef Talk videos. For those that missed out on last night's discussion, you can see Cherek on Wisconsin Foodie, which airs Fridays at 7:30 on PBS.
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Recognizing Wisconsin's Forest Products Industry
Published on 10/19/2017 under News The timber industry plays a large role in the northwoods, and this week has been set aside to recognize the trade. Governor Walker has declared the third week in October as Forestry Products week, and he encourages citizens to recognize the many products that come from our forests and the people and businesses that work in and care for them. Scot Lyon, a forest products specialist with the DNR noted that the state is home to 17.1 million acres of forest land, which serves more than 1,200 forest products companies. The forest products sector generates $24.7 billion in goods and services each year. Wisconsin remains the No. 1 paper making state in the nation for more than 60 years, producing 5.3 million tons of paper annually. According to DNR statistics,Wisconsin forests provide more than 64,000 jobs, and is the number 1 employer in 10 counties . That includes: Lincoln, Langlade, Taylor and Price Counties. We'll take a closer look at the Lincoln County figures coming up tomorrow.
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Former Rhinelander Police Chief Completes FBI Program
Published on 10/19/2017 under News A former Northwoods police chief continues to progress in Madison. Earlier this week, Attorney General Brad Schimel announced the Mike Steffes completed the FBI National Executive Institute. He described the program as an "elite, highly-selective academy designed for law enforcement executives that lead more than 500 sworn officers. Steffes currently serves as the Deputy Administrator of the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement Services. He took over that position last fall after previously serving as Rhinelander Police Chief. In that announcement, Steffes called it an honor to attend. He said, "I was able to learn from classmates from around the country and world and learned many new ideas to aid DOJ's officer wellness program." Known as the crown jewel of the FBI's executive training series they cover a wide range of topics including: political, economic and social trends that affect policing; ethics and integrity; labor and media relations; structuring of police organizations; and financing.
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Lincoln County Board Recap
Published on 10/18/2017 under News The Lincoln County Board held their regular October meeting Tuesday evening. As usual, the meeting began with public service recognitions. For October, that includes: 10 years for Rhonda Bacher and Kari Weiland, each at the Sheriff's Office; 15 years for Nicole Krause at Pine Crest and Reed Lazarz at the Sheriff's Office; and 25 years for Pamela Schotz in the Veteran's Department. Finance Director Dan Leydet had nothing to add on the year to date budget, but noted the contingency fund is getting low. He then gave a brief presentation on the upcoming budget. The proposed levy is $14.1 million, a 1.32% increase over last year. With the equalized value in the county up 2.8%, it mean's the county's mill rate will be down slightly. The budget will be back for approval by the board next month. Eleven members of the public spoke out of concern for the UW-Extension positions which had been removed at one point in the budget process, but have since been restored. The first resolution of the evening approved overhauling the courthouse audio/visual technology. That project could approach $200,000. A pair of resolutions moved money into capital improvements from unassigned and unrestricted forest funds respectively. The board passed a resolution for a lease agreement with WPS for a tower on Irma Hill. That agreement includes space on the tower for county use. It would also entitle the county to 25% of revenues from renting out space on the tower. The board then tackled a pair of resolutions related to opioid abuse. The first allows the county to enter legal action against opioid manufacturers. Numerous other counties are passing similar resolutions. The second measure urges politicians and government agents at the federal and state level to address the issue as well. A rezoning request was approved with no further discussion. The final two items related to county forests. The first approved an annual work plan, necessary to secure grant funding. The second addressed overnight camping in county forests outside of designated camping areas. Forest Administrator Kevin Kleinschmidt gave some background on the issue prior to the vote. He noted that some individuals have been taking advantage of camping outside of designated areas in vehicles or RV's. This has lead to damage, littering, and conflicts with other park users or law enforcement. The amendment places time limits, states that camping is not a means of establishing residence, and subjects violators to ejection as well as possible penalties. The vote was unanimous with no further discussion.
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Residents Offer UW-Extension Support at Lincoln County Board Meeting
Published on 10/18/2017 under News Concerned over the future of the UW-Extension program in Lincoln County, a handful of Tomahawk area residents spoke at the Lincoln County Board meeting yesterday. That concern came from a previous version of the preliminary budget which considered eliminating those positions in order to close the budget shortfalls. In the latest version of the budget, however, those positions have been restored. While the concern became moot, eleven individuals spoke in support none-the-less. That included mentions of the Strong Bodies program, the Reading Buddies program, and the Community Garden, each which benefits from the UW-Extension. One individual referred to the UW-Extension "a jewel," while another praised the knowledge those individuals offer to the community. The budget, which has the UW-Extension funding restored, will be back on the agenda next month for final approval.
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Lincoln County Board Address Opioids with Two Resolutions
Published on 10/18/2017 under News In light of a national opioid crisis, the Lincoln County Board passed a pair of resolutions seeking action. The first resolution is actually appearing at county board meetings across the state. It authorizes the county to enter legal action against opioid manufacturers. Corporation council Nancy Bergstrom explained that litigation could take years, but at no cost to the county unless money has been recovered. The resolution gained traction at the recent Wisconsin Counties Association conference. Similar measures were approved at the Oneida and Marathon County Boards yesterday. The second resolution calls for change at the national level. Supervisor Bill Zeitz, who prepared the second resolution, noted "It's long overdue, (we need to) put the blame where it belongs." That resolution will be forwarded to various levels of government including the FBI, CIA, DEA, as well as politicians at the national and state levels. The supervisors voted after a heart wrenching story from the mother of an overdose victim. Each resolution passed by unanimous voice vote after minimal discussion.
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Lincoln County Hears Presentation on Balanced 2018 Budget
Published on 10/18/2017 under News The Lincoln County Board got a look at the preliminary 2018 budget, which is now balanced. Finance Director Dan Leydet gave a brief presentation on that process and some figures last evening. The overall budget is $49.5million. The proposed tax levy is $14.1 million, a 1.32% increase over last year. With the equalized value in the county up 2.8%, it mean's the county's mill rate will be down slightly. He noted that while the equalized value has slowly been on the rise, it is still below its high mark in 2010. As for next year's budget, it'll be back for approval next month.
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Merrill Free Medical Clinic a Success
Published on 10/18/2017 under News Organizers are calling a free medical clinic in Merrill this past weekend a success. We heard from one of the organizers, Roxanne Consolver, who passed along some numbers from the event. She says that those in attendance received 329 services including medical, vision, chiropractic, and preventative nursing care. With the weather turning shortly, they also distributed 86 bags of winter clothing and 110 people were able to simply share a warm meal. Others received professional hair cuts or had their nails painted. Among the specific highlights, Consolver recalled the VA finding benefits for an individual who did not know he qualified, and Haven providing a Spanish interpreter to assist a Spanish speaking individual. Our Sisters House was helping and distributing Handbags for Hope. Organizers are already planning for next year's event, with one consideration being dental services. Consolver closed by noting they were grateful for the huge outpouring of volunteers. Adding, "We didn't have record numbers this year, but the people that came were totally blessed. "
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Tomahawk Man Arrested for 4th OWI Following Foot Pursuit
Published on 10/17/2017 under News A Tomahawk man was arrested after a foot pursuit in Lincoln County over the weekend. That incident happened Saturday afternoon. The Marathon County Sheriff's Office initially reported a reckless driver traveling north on Highway 51. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office says that deputies had stopped the vehicle near Duginski Road when the driver fled on foot. The 29 year old Tomahawk man, whose name was not released, was eventually located with assistance from the Marathon County K9 unit. He was taken into custody for a felony fourth offense of operating while intoxicated, as well as bail jumping and several outstanding warrants. Deputies also said they found a substance in the suspect's vehicle which later tested positive for methamphetamine.
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Man Arrested for Burglary in Lincoln County
Published on 10/17/2017 under News A Wausau man is facing burglary charges in Lincoln County after the property owner caught him fleeing the scene. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, that incident happened last Wednesday in the Town of Harrison. The property owner arrived to see the subject leaving the area. The window to the building had been broken with items reported missing. Deputies were able to locate the 38 year old suspect a short time later. They recovered property belonging to the victim in the man's possession. The man was brought to the Lincoln County jail where he was charged with burglary, theft, criminal damage to property, and two counts of bail jumping.
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Tomahawk Man Arrested for Fleeing During Shoplifting Complaint
Published on 10/17/2017 under News A Tomahawk man was arrested for fleeing an officer after a shoplifting complaint over the weekend. According to the Tomahawk Police report, the incident happened Friday evening at a local grocery store. Officers were called after an employee reported the man allegedly concealed containers of whipped cream. The 38 year old was located in the parking lot and denied taking the items. Officers observed security footage and later located canisters of whipped cream in the vehicle. The man fled from the area by foot, jumping into the nearby river. The Fire Department rescue boat was paged, and the man was located a short time later. He was cleared at an area hospital, then arrested for retail theft, resisting or obstructing an officer and two counts of bail jumping. According to court records, he was released on a $500 bond following an initial appearance Monday.
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Lincoln County Sheriff Report
Published on 10/17/2017 under News A 24 year old Tomahawk man was arrested Tuesday morning on a criminal traffic charge. A deputy stopped the man for speeding on State Rd 86. The man displayed signs of impairment and was arrested for second offense of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. A 38 year old Rhinelander woman was arrested Wednesday evening after deputies responded to a residence in the Town of Birch for a report of trespassing. The woman was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass and two felony counts of bail jumping. A 47 year old Tomahawk man was arrested Wednesday evening after deputies responded to a disturbance in the Town of Bradley. A 911 call reported the incident on Kaphaem Rd. The man was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge. A 63 year old Tomahawk man was arrested late Friday night after a traffic stop in the Town of Rock Falls. A deputy stopped the vehicle the man was driving on State Rd 107 after he witnessed it speeding and crossing the center line. The man was arrested for first offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. At the jail, deputies found marijuana on the man. He was cited for the OWI offense and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. A 53 year old Merrill woman was taken into custody late Saturday evening on a traffic charge. The woman was stopped on State Rd 64 after a report of a reckless driver was received. The woman was cited for a first offense of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The number of deer crashes has dropped with eight being reported this past week.
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Rhinelander Dedicates Portion of Outdoor Classroom to Elementary Teacher
Published on 10/17/2017 under News A section of a specialized classroom in the Rhinelander school district was recently dedicated to a long time elementary teacher. The district announced that the lower level of the Rominsky Lodge at the Cedric A. Vig Outdoor Classroom (CAVOC) has recently been redesigned and dedicated to the late Lu Berndt. The new Learning Center includes a piano that Berndt used to play in her classroom at West and Newbold Elementary Schools during her 23 years with the district. The main classroom at CAVOC now consists of various activities that students can take part in, including microscopes, binoculars and a sensory table. The second room consists of an animal habitat museum. Many mounted animals such as fish, deer, beaver, and raccoon are on display. This renovation was made possible by a $25,000 grant from Berndt's husband Hal and other family members. The district thanked the family for making the project possible, benefiting all students within the district.
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DNR Offering Courses to Participate in Volunteer Wolf Tracking Program
Published on 10/17/2017 under News Wisconsin's wolf monitoring program relies upon volunteers from around the state who help track animals each winter. Those interested in participating are encouraged to sign up for a pair of DNR classes on tracking and wolves. DNR assistant carnivore biologist Jane Wiedenhoeft says, "DNR staff and volunteers tracked over 14,000 miles last winter searching for wolf, coyote, bobcat, and other medium to large size carnivore tracks in Wisconsin. It's a great way to get out and enjoy Wisconsin in the winter while helping the department monitor some of the state's most interesting wildlife." Both courses are needed to participate as a volunteer carnivore tracker in Wisconsin's wolf monitoring program. Carnivore tracking classes focus on learning to identify the tracks of medium- to large-size carnivores that inhabit Wisconsin. The second course focuses on wolves including: ecology, history, management and research. The courses are offered at a number of locations including the Rhinelander DNR facility, as well as Treehaven in the Tomahawk area. While a majority of the classes a free, a few do have a small fee depending on location. More information is available on the DNR website
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