WJJQ Radio
FM Stereo 92.5 - 25,000 Watts
 Northern Wisconsin Information and Entertainment Station


For nearly 30 years, WJJQ Radio has been serving Northern Wisconsin, offering news, weather, sports, and entertainment to the area!
     Power -                    WJJQ FM - 25,000 watts in stereo

    Frequency -              WJJQ FM 92.5

    Network -                CBS Radio

    Owner -                   Albert Broadcasting, Inc.
                                    Gregg and Margie Albert

Adult Appeal - Information:

  Target Audience:   Features:
Special Features:

Mark Everett
 Gregg Albert
Bryan Thomas
 Ann Beckman
 Mary Lu Voermans
Phil Richard

WJJQ P.O. Box 10, Tomahawk, WI 54487    Phone 715-453-4482    Fax 715-453-7169 Send E-Mail to wjjq@wjjq.com
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