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WJJQ - 25 Days Of Christmas Daily Gift Card Giveaway Winners List:

December 1st:
Tomahawk Sew N Vac:  Gloria Quinn of Tomahawk
Outboards Bar & Grill:  James Bresse of Tomahawk
Re-Max Property Pros:  Cindy Kitchen of Tripoli (Chamber Bucks)
Scentability:  Pam Barnetzke of Tomahawk

December 2nd:
Tomahawk Family Restaurant:  Bobbi Clark of Tomahawk
Hometown Feed Mill:  Sandy Vankerkvoorde of Ogema
Knot Haus:  Aleasha Kowalski of Tomahawk
Chuck's Sports Shop:  Mike Timm of Tomahawk

December 3rd:
Tilted Loon Saloon:  Rebecca Tegen of Rhinelander
Dunn Financial Services:  Tracy Wendling of Tomahawk (Main Street Bucks)
Tomahawk Warehouse Liquor:  Steve Schulte of Tomahawk
Standard Mercantile:  Donna Olson of Tomahawk

December 4th:
Dr. Robert and Nadine Imm Dental: Chris Burman of Irma (Chamber Bucks)
Viegut's Do It Express: Mike McCormick of Gleason
Animal Clinic of Tomahawk: Lisa Mattes of Tomahawk
Tomahawk Furniture: Lori Musloff of Tomahawk (Main Street Bucks)

December 5th:
Tomahawk Ace Hardware:  Amber Prust of Tomahawk
Woodland Lakes Realty:  Amanda Kriese of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Lincoln County Cycles:  Derek Mohr of Tomahawk
Silver Birch Supper Club:  Dorothy Hoffman of Brantwood

December 6th:
Trig's:  Karen Sprister of Tomahawk
Vicky's Photo Shop:  Kate Drewek of Merrill
Bambino's:  Jaynee Jacobus of Tomahawk
Tomahawk Pharmacy:  Brian Karpinsky of Tomahawk

December 7th:
Honeycomb L.O.F.T.:  Joan Karwoski of Tomahawk
Chase's C Stores:  Bill Ruder of Merrill
Wholesale Carpets and Tile:  Jackie Ryan (Tomahawk Touch of Gold Certificate)
Subway:  Jerald Champagne of Tomahawk

December 8th:
Besse's on Clear Lake:  Chrys Anklam of Tomahawk
Chesse Shoppe:  Phyllis Henry of Tomahawk
Century 21 Best Way Realty:  Sandy Teske of Merrill (Main Street Bucks)
Mary's Hangout:  Josh Johnson of Tomahawk

December 9th:
Rita's Scarlet Garden:  Megan Lampe of Tomahawk
Hilgy's LP Gas:  Pete Sherman of Tripoli
Billy Bob's Sports Bar & Grill:  Gary Douglas of Tomahawk
Tomahawk Appliance & Home:  Sarah Wolff of Tomahawk (Main Street Bucks)

December 10th:
Meyer's Marine:  Ken Dirks of Tomahawk
Cerny's Greenhouse:  Lorna Fisher of Tomahawk
LaCanne's Resort:  Michael Hansen of Tomahawk
What's Brewin':  Tracy Schmeckel of Tomahawk

December 11th:
Kracker Barrel: Aurora May of Tomahawk
McDonald's: Joan Furtick of Tomahawk
Northwoods Community Realty: Nancy Hansen of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Tomahawk Builders Supply: John Barber of Tomahawk

December 12th:
Wausau Homes - Schoone Excavating: Robert Minder Jr. of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Meyer's Marine: Jeff Blank of Gleason
Wild Rivers Group Real Estate: Marci Rankin of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Trig's: Judy Heikkinen of Tomahawk

December 13th:
Scentability:  Kathy Rechsteiner of Tomahawk
Hometown Feed Mill:  Keith Enzor of Harshaw
Knot Haus:  Pam Runkle of Tomahawk
Dr. Robert Imm:  Shelly Sandman (Chamber Bucks)

December 14th:
Cheese Shoppe:  Julie Sieja of Tomahawk
Northern Sight Vision Clinic: Mary Ungerer of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Outboards Bar & Grill:  Craig Boardman of Prentice
Tomahawk Sew N Vac:  Bea Kreft of Tomahawk

December 15th:
Honeycomb LOFT:  Janalee Johnson of Ogema
ReMax Property Pros:  Howard Sipple of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Tomahawk Warehouse Liquor:  Georgia Barlog of Tomahawk
Rita's Scarlet Garden:  Beth Lekfield of Tomahawk

December 16th:
Tomahawk Builders Supply:  Tom Tasse of Tomahawk
Dunn Financial Services:  Elizabeth McBride of Tomahawk (Main Street Money)
Tomahawk Pharmacy:  Cindy Short of Tomahawk
Billy Bob's Sports Bar & Grill:  Mary Leppi of Minocqua

December 17th:
Wholesale Carpets & Tile:  Angela Mayle of Tomahawk (Main Street Money)
Kracker Barrel:  Laurie Beimborn of Harshaw
Chuck's Sports Shop:  Hetch Lund of Tomahawk
What's Brewin':  Cheryl Swanson of Tomahawk

December 18th:
Lincoln County Cycles:  Gary Karsteadt of Tomahawk
Tomahawk Furniture:  Michelle Jacobsen or Irma (Main Street Money)
Tomahawk Ace Hardware:  Brian Wiedeman of Tomahawk
Tilted Loon:  Jill Holmes of Tomahawk

December 19th:
Animal Clinic of Tomahawk:  Terry Kaiser of Tomahawk
Trig's:  Carol Greisen of Tomahawk
Wild Rivers Group Real Estate:  Jodie Aguilar of Rhinelander (Chamber Bucks)
Meyers Marine:  Mark L. Smith of Tomahawk

December 20th:
Tomahawk Family Restaurant:  Stanley Lach of Prentice
Mary's Hangout:  Christina Copiskey of Tomahawk
Northwoods Community Realty:  LeAnne Zey of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Cerny's Greenhouse:  Dawn Edwards of Tomahawk

December 21st:
Subway of Tomahawk:  Daniel Northup of Tomahawk
Vicky's Photo Shop:  Mary Zeltom
Hilgy's LP Gas:  Mary Carstensen of Tomahawk
Tomahawk Appliance and Home:  Thomas Liatses of Rhinelander

December 22nd:
Standard Mercantile:  Peggy Dorfschmidt of Tomahawk
John J. Schoone Construction:  Kristy Nermann of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
LaCann'e Resort:  Jade Lear of Tomahawk
McDonald's:  Gen Ziert of Tomahawk

December 23rd:
Besse's on Clear Lake:  Heather Harker of Tomahawk
Wild Rivers Group Real Estate:  Dawn Pfingsten of Merrill (Chamber Bucks)
Viegut's Do It Express:  Larry Hill of Tomahawk
Trig's:  Heather Kurth of Tomahawk

December 24th:
Silver Birch Supper Club:  Patricia McClain of Tomahawk
ReMax Property Pros:  Janet Crisman of Eagle River (Chamber Bucks)
Chase's C Store:  Tylor Hartwig of Irma
Trig's:  Stephanie Zirk of Tomahawk

December 25th:
Century 21 Best Way Realty:  Linda Snyder (Main Street Money)
Northern Sight Vision Clinic:  Patti Jagodzinski of Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Bambino's:  Michael Handlin of Merrill
Trig's:  Joshua Felland of Tomahawk

Winner's will receive their prize via mail to address on registration.
Thanks to everyone for registering.

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