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WJJQ - 25 Days Of Christmas Daily Gift Card Giveaway Winners List:

December 1st:
Tomahawak Builders Supply - George Alery - Tomahawk
Castaways Bar & Grill - Crasondrea Barber - Tomahawk
Viegut's Do It Express-Mary Ann Abraham - Merrill
Chuck's Sports Shop - Fran Pflum - Tomahawk

December 2nd:
Tomahawk Appliance and Home - Casey Erickson - Tomahawk
Re Max Property Pro's Real Estate- Colleen Collins - Tomahawk  (Chamber Bucks)
Tomahawk Furniture - Sheila Kainz - Tomahawk
Tomahawk Subway - Susan Bolte - Gleason

December 3rd:
The Knot Haus - Marion Peil - Tomahawk
Wausau Homes - Schoone Construction - Lisa Hass - Merrill (Chamber Bucks)
Hob's Service Center-Jenny Zakoski- Farmington, MN
The Loop Hole Bar & Grill - Ted Heitschmidt - Tomahawk

December 4th:
Tomahawk Pharmacy - Marie Hegman - Tomahawk
Wild Rivers Group Real Estate - Bill Korrer - Minoqua  (Chamber Bucks)
Outboards Bar & Grill - Wendy Anderson - Tomahawk
Lincoln County Cycles - Tomahawk - Steve Schultz - Tomahawk

December 5th:
Tomahawk Warehouse Liquor - Gary Martinelli - Tomahawk
Dunn Financial Services - Sarah Wolff - Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Silver BIrch Supper Club -Peggy Jennejohn - Tomahawk
Meyers Marine - Apryl Cerkas - Irma

December 6th:
Hometown Feed Mill - Mary Bohman - Irma -
Cerny's Greenhouse - Deb Timmons - Tomahawk
Trig's - Donald Daris -Tomahawk
Tomahawk Dairy Queen - Billy Jean Kimps - Harshaw

December 7th:
Animal Clinic - Larry Hill -Tomahawk
Tilted Loon Saloon - Judie Rundle - Tomahawk
Powersports Repair and More - Butch Armstrong - Tomahawk
The Chesse Shoppe - Rose Zirk - Tomahawk

December 8th:
Kracker Barrel - Paula Blom - Tomahawk 
B's Landing - Tina Van Boxtel - Tomahawk
Northwoods Community Realty - Chris Tushoski - (Chamber Bucks)
Honerycomb L.O.F.T. -  Nancy Hanson - Tomahawk

December 9th:
Chase's C-Store B.P. - Jamie Gustafson - Brantwood
Standard Mercantile - Joan Potts - Tomahawk
Northern Sight Vision Clinic - Tammy Youncher - Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Billy Bob's Sports Bar and Grill - Sue Malicki - Tomahawk

December 10th:
Tomahawk McDonalds - Sara Lane - Tomahawk
L and S Truck Repair - Ken Forman - Merrill
Scentability - Angie Ellenbecker - Athens
Meyer's Marine - Art Buchanan - Tomahawk

December 11th:
Century 21 Best Way Realty - Dave Robinson - Rhinelander (Chamber Bucks)
Milo's Country Store - Jen Fryar - Tomahawk
Wholesale Carpet and Tile - (Touch of Gold Jewelry Store) - Sara Kallerud -Tomahawk
LaCanne's Resort - Dan Schoone - Tomahawk

December 12th:
Tomahawk Family Dental -Scott Isaacson - Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Prairie Rapids Tavern - Patty Vandeweerd - Tomahawk
Woodland Lake Realty - Addison Bartz - Tomahawk (Chamber Bucks)
Tomahawk Family Restaurant - Jackie Landwehr - Merrill

December 13th:
Custom Accounting Services - Levi Lane - Tomahawk  (Chamber Bucks)
Tomahawk Appliance and Home - Chris Drake - Tomahawk
Mary's Hangout - Larry Timm - Tomahawk
Besse's On Clear Lake - Tammy Williams - Tomahawk

December 14th:
Wild River's Group Real Estate - Natalie Lechmaier - Merrill - (Chamber Bucks)
Castaways Bar and Grill - Donna Olson - Tomahawk
Viegut's Do It Express - Mark Reinke - Tomahawk
Tomahawk  Furniture - Todd Lau - Tomahawk

December 15th:
Tomahawk  Builders Supply - Jim Witucki - Tomahawk
Honeycomb L.O.F.T. - Kim Montgomery - Tomahawk
Subway of Tomahawk - Heidi Arndt - Tomahawk
Chuck's Sports Shop - Dave Swenson - Harshaw

December 16th:
Tomahawk Pharmacy - Kathy Ketchan - Tomahawk
Hob's Service Center - Keith Reith - Tomahawk
The Loop Hole - Pam Runkle - Tomahawk
ReMax Propery Pro's - Dawn Pfingsten

December 17th:
Lincoln County Cycles - Ray Marvin - Tomahawk
Outboards Bar and Grill - Aurora May - Tomahawk
The Knot Haus - Rebecca Tegen - Rhinelander  - (Main Street Money)
Animal Clinic - Kenneth Showalter - Tomahawk

December 18th:
Cerny's Greenhouse - Mandy Timm - Tomahawk
Tomahawk Warehouse Liquor - Allan Giese - Tomahawk
McDonald's - Jackie Bergman
Wausau Homes-Schoone Construction - Katherin Harvey - Gleason  (Chamber Bucks) 

December 19th:
Dairy Queen - Tori Robert - Rhinelaner
Kracker Barrel - Phil Rausch - Tomahawk
Honeycomb L.O.F.T. - Sherri Dettmering - Tomahawk
What's Brewing- Phyllis Henry - Tomahawk

December 20th:
Standard Mercantile - Tara Mayle - Tomahawk
Northwoods Community Realty - Jim Lundquist -Tomahawk
Silver Birch Supper Club - Amanda Roberts - Tomahawk
Scentability - Corinne Swan - Tomahawk

December 21st:
B'S Landing - Darcy Lanthrip - Tomahawk
Tomahawk Family Restaurant - Marilyn Smith -Tomahawk
Hometown Feed Mill - Matt Pajala - Brantwood
Dunn Financial Service -Haley Jazdzewski - Tomahawk  (Chamber Bucks)

December 22nd:
Wholesale Carpet and Tile - Jamie Kolarik - Tomahawk  (Touch of Gold)
L & S Truck Parts - Kenny Hoffman - Brantwood
Besse's On Clear Lake - Cherek Wenker -Tomahawk
Century 21 Best Way Realty - Kris Thompson - Tomahawk (Main Street Money)

December 23rd:
Billy Bob's Bob's Sports Bar and Grill - Javella Schrader - Tripoli
Power Sports Repair and More - Brian Kelly - Tomahawk
Northern Sight Vision Clinic - Val Brzezinski-Irma         (Chamber Bucks)
Mary's Hangout - Tim Wenzlick - Tomahawk

December 24th:
Custom Accounting Service - Cindy Short -Tomahawk        (Chamber Bucks)
Meyer's Marine - Greg Henderson - Tomahawk
Chase's C-Store-B.P. - Jan Black - Tomahawk
Prairie Rapids Tavern - Jerald Champagn - Tomahawk

December 25th:
Milo's Country Store - Carolyn Halverson - Tomahawk
Tomahawk Family Dental -  Terry BeBeau - Gilden (Chamber Bucks)
Cheese Shoppe - Patricia Feind - Tomahawk
La Cannes Resort Bar and Grill - Ron Lueneburg - Tomahawk
Woodland Lake Realty - James Stensberg -Harshaw (Chamber Bucks)
Tilted Loon Bar and Grill - Dawn Wickline - Rhinelander

Winner's will receive their prize via mail to address on registration.
Thanks to everyone for registering.

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Neither WJJQ nor By Request LLC shall be held liable for any typographical errors, misinformation, or misprints.
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