Hatchet Wrestlers Win Bluejay Inviational Published on 01/07/2019 under Sports
On Saturday, the Tomahawk Hatchet Wrestling Team won the Merrill Bluejay Invitational.  Tomahawk scored 426 points, with Wausau West second, Prairie Du Chien third and Merrill finishing fourth.

Here are individual results from Saturday's meet:

Blake Felser (17-6) placed 5th and scored 30.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by decision over Trevor Schenzel (Merrill) 12-14 (Dec 4-2)
• Round 2 - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Julia Cox (Barron) 6-15 (Fall 3:09)
• Round 3 - Tim Fox (Rhinelander) 15-7 won by fall over Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 (Fall 2:13)
• Consolation Bracket - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Hunter Feyereisen (Saint Croix Central) 8-8 (Fall 1:10)
• 5th Place Match - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over David Hughes (Chippewa Falls) 12-9 (Fall 3:06)
Gage Robinson (10-6) placed 6th and scored 26.5 team points.
• Round 1 - Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 won by major decision over Colton Cahill (Amherst) 3-7 (MD 12-0)
• Round 2 - Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Jacob Pease (Wausau West) 14-4 won by decision over Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 (Dec 8-6)
• Consolation Bracket - Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 won by tech fall over Zander Ginet (Three Lakes/Phelps) 9-12 (TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0))
• 5th Place Match - Harry Nemcek (Lakeland/Mercer) 19-11 won by major decision over Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 (MD 20-7)
Lance Knight (21-6) placed 5th and scored 31.5 team points.
• Round 1 - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by fall over Trevor Schunk (Crandon) 5-9 (Fall 1:29)
• Round 2 - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by fall over Will Swanson (Rhinelander) 5-15 (Fall 0:49)
• Round 3 - David Olson (Saint Croix Central) 13-9 won by decision over Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 (Dec 7-3)
• Consolation Bracket - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by fall over Max Kersten (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 3-7 (Fall 0:25)
• 5th Place Match - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by tech fall over Dejsia Yang (Wausau West) 16-11 (TF-1.5 5:01 (15-0))
Luke Knight (22-5) placed 5th and scored 31.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 won by fall over Sylas Schaberg (Amherst) 5-10 (Fall 0:49)
• Quarterfinal - Tim Burnett (Lakeland/Mercer) 16-10 won by fall over Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 (Fall 3:14)
• Cons. Round 2 - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 won by major decision over Kyle Wiseman (Adams-Friendship) 13-8 (MD 16-3)
• 5th Place Match - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 won by decision over Bryce Zoromski (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 17-9 (Dec 7-0)
Alex Bishop (18-5) placed 2nd and scored 40.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 won by fall over Alex Martinez (Barron) 8-17 (Fall 1:36)
• Round 3 - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 won by fall over Alex Lorbecke (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 9-10 (Fall 2:22)
• Championship Bracket - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 won by decision over Gabriel Ramos (Wausau West) 19-9 (Dec 10-7)
• 1st Place Match - Keenan Holley (Prairie du Chien) 12-7 won in sudden victory - 1 over Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 (SV-1 6-4)
Logan Bishop (21-5) placed 2nd and scored 41.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 won by fall over Bradley Shepherd (Crandon) 7-6 (Fall 4:28)
• Round 3 - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 won by major decision over Tyler Dormanen (Boyceville) 10-10 (MD 12-0)
• Championship Bracket - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 won by fall over Lucas Wanty (Three Lakes/Phelps) 9-6 (Fall 3:02)
• 1st Place Match - Reid Koenig (Prairie du Chien) 16-3 won by fall over Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 (Fall 0:27)
Isaiah Sheffler (14-10) placed 9th and scored 20.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Jakob Lipinski (Edgar) 12-9 won by fall over Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 (Fall 1:37)
• Round 2 - Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Traeton Saint (Prairie du Chien) 19-5 won by fall over Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 (Fall 1:23)
• Consolation Bracket - Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 received a bye () (Bye)
• 9th Place Match - Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 won by decision over Jonas Hicks (Adams-Friendship) 5-13 (Dec 2-1)
Marcus Matti (11-12) placed 11th and scored 12.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Will Urquhart (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 15-11 won by decision over Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 (Dec 7-2)
• Round 2 - Brock Schlough (Boyceville) 26-0 won by fall over Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 (Fall 2:08)
• Round 3 - Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 won by decision over Logan Shackelton (Saint Croix Central) 2-12 (Dec 8-5)
• Consolation Bracket - Anthony Kujawa (Adams-Friendship) 7-6 won by fall over Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 (Fall 3:26)
• 11th Place Match - Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 won by decision over Dillan Adams (Barron) 5-7 (Dec 9-2)
Wyatt Wenninger (24-5) placed 2nd and scored 42.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Cassius Ramirez (Sun Prairie) 2-6 (Fall 0:30)
• Round 2 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Trystan Sanderfoot (Three Lakes/Phelps) 7-11 (Fall 0:54)
• Round 3 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Isaac Avery (Prairie du Chien) 11-12 (Fall 1:53)
• Championship Bracket - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Ross Kaz (Chippewa Falls) 19-10 (Fall 5:10)
• 1st Place Match - Ty Guden (Edgar) 15-2 won by decision over Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 (Dec 3-1)
Ryan Skyees (10-13) placed 10th and scored 16.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Tyler Smock (Prairie du Chien) 18-9 won by fall over Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 (Fall 1:02)
• Round 2 - Harry Nawrot (Adams-Friendship) 15-5 won by fall over Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 (Fall 1:10)
• Round 3 - Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 received a bye () (Bye)
• Consolation Bracket - Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 won by decision over Ethan Cordova (Merrill) 7-14 (Dec 6-3)
• 9th Place Match - RJ Knetter (Edgar) 12-6 won by fall over Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 (Fall 1:43)
Kade Wenninger (17-6) placed 5th and scored 32.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Forfeit Forfeit (Prairie du Chien) 8-10 (Fall 1:33)
• Round 2 - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Brock Handrick (Edgar) 20-2 won by fall over Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 (Fall 1:02)
• Consolation Bracket - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Ben Sinclair (Rhinelander) 14-8 (Fall 4:55)
• 5th Place Match - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Nathan LaRue (Wausau West) 15-12 (Fall 3:18)
Eric Decker (21-4) placed 1st and scored 50.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Jordan Haag (Barron) 7-19 (Fall 0:28)
• Round 3 - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Joseph Nienow (Wausau West) 7-12 (Fall 2:22)
• Championship Bracket - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Justyn Kniprath (Adams-Friendship) 11-7 (Fall 1:26)
• 1st Place Match - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Brendan Shannon (Sun Prairie) 16-8 (Fall 4:46)
Tony Matti (23-5) placed 3rd and scored 38.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 won by fall over Lucas Edelburg (Amherst) 10-9 (Fall 1:01)
• Championship Bracket - Colten Wall (Prairie du Chien) 12-5 won by fall over Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 (Fall 3:19)
• 3rd Place Match - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 won by forfeit over Luke Wright (Prairie du Chien) 14-4 (For.)
Austin Leinen (12-9) placed 11th and scored 16.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Ryan McKibben (Edgar) 15-8 won by fall over Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 (Fall 1:47)
• Round 2 - John Farkas (Amherst) 16-6 won by fall over Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 (Fall 0:32)
• Round 3 - Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 won by fall over Mickie Wiza (Almond-Bancroft/Pacelli) 1-9 (Fall 2:34)
• Consolation Bracket - Vaughn Albrecht (Merrill) 10-5 won by fall over Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 (Fall 1:47)
• 11th Place Match - Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 won by fall over William Weise (Barron) 10-17 (Fall 0:57)

In Other News

Tomahawk Schools, Public Library, and Packer Hall of Fame Partner for Winter Reading
Published on 01/23/2019 under News The Tomahawk School District and the Tomahawk Public Library are working together to emphasize children's reading over the winter months. Yesterday we were joined by district reading specialist Brian Perrodin and children's librarian Annette Miller. Earlier this week, the Tomahawk School District kicked off a partnership with the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame for their Tundra Tales reading program. Perrodin explained that they have challenged students to reach a weekly home reading goal from 60 minutes to 90 minutes over the next 8 weeks. Students that reach their goal each quarter (two week period) will receive a Packers themed prize. Students that complete all four quarters will receive a free pass into the Packer Hall of Fame. Perrodin noted that tying the Packers into the outreach has received a positive reaction from the students. He also highlighted a study showing that reading just 15-20 minutes daily can improve a child's reading level by 1-2 grades. That program runs through the end of March and is for 4k through 8th grade. Meanwhile the Public Library has an ongoing Winter Reading Challenge. That kicked off earlier this month and runs through February. Miller explained that they have several goals and age levels including teens. Miller said you can never start early enough on getting kids to read. She says one of the goals for these types of challenges is to make reading fun. Showing them it's not a punishment; it's not work. She says they want to get children into the door at the library to "spark their desire to be lifelong library users." That entire conversation is available in the WJJQ audio center.
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Local Legislators React to Gov. Evers State of State
Published on 01/23/2019 under News Shortly after Gov. Tony Evers presented his inaugural State of the State address, we heard from our local legislators who offered a mixed response. It was no surprise from the former state school superintendent that Gov. Evers focused on increasing school funding. He also called for bipartisanship, infrastructure improvements, and middle class tax cuts. State Senator Tom Tiffany says he looks forward to working with Gov. Evers. He says, "There are a number of areas where we can find common ground, and his speech outlined some key issues.  From supporting small businesses and broadband expansion to passing a middle class tax cut, these are issues that we can come together and pass in a bipartisan fashion." Meanwhile, Representative Mary Felzkowski was concerned that the new Governor did not mention the word "rural" in his address. She says she will continue to emphasize the extreme importance of rural Wisconsin. Tiffany and Felzkowski were united with fellow Republicans in referring to the strong economic factors including low unemployment, manufacturing growth, and budget surplus which came during an eight year period of Republican control.
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Rep. Felzkowski Reacts to Assembly Passasge of Pre-Existing Conditions Protections
Published on 01/23/2019 under News A bill aimed at providing protections for those with pre-existing conditions has cleared the Assembly.  Local Representative Mary Felzkowski was a co-sponsor of Assembly Bill 1. In a news release, she says, "I'm proud that one of my first votes this session was to protect Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions. This is a promise we made to our constituents, a promise I truly believe in. I've spent most of my life helping families purchase their insurance and I know this issue is incredibly important in my district and across the state." Felzkowski joined a number of Assembly Republicans who launched a video highlighting their personal experiences with pre-exisiting conditions. She says, "I supported this bill as a co-sponsor, a member of the Health Committee, and a rural representative, because I believe this marks the perfect balance between making sure those with pre-existing conditions never have to worry about being covered and assuring health insurance can remain affordable for all." A number of Democrats opposed the bill saying it doesn't go far enough. The bill's future remains unclear at this time. An assembly bill passed last year stalled in the Republican controlled Senate. Majority Leader Scott Fitzergald was non-committal on whether they would take up this bill.
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Rhinelander Students Collect 600+ Jeans During Collection Drive
Published on 01/23/2019 under News A group of Rhinelander students proved there's plenty of denim to go around here in the Northwoods. Over the past month, the Rhinelander High School FBLA/DECA organization conducted their annual Jeans for Teens. The students set up numerous drop-off locations around district schools and businesses in the community. They also held several collection drives at Hodag sporting events. The project, inspired by a statewide drive, has continued to grow each year. This year, the Rhinlander students announced that they collected more than 600 pairs of jeans. Jeans that are still in wearable condition will be donated to Frederick Place temporary housing shelter. Once their needs are fulfilled, the extra jeans will be distributed to others in need around the Northwoods. Jeans that have seen better days will be utilized for rags and other purposes. In the announcement, the students wanted to thank everyone who contributed.
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Plea Deal Reached for Third Man Involved in 2017 Burglary in Oneida County
Published on 01/23/2019 under News A Rhinelander man has reached a plea deal in a 2017 burglary in Oneida County. Keanu Sneller was back in court for that hearing last week. The 19 year old was one of three men arrested following an investigation into a break-in of a cabin in the Town of Pine Lake in the spring of 2017. Sneller pleaded 'no contest' to an amended charge of receiving or concealing stolen property and criminal trespassing. In exchange, a bail jumping charge was dismissed. Sneller was sentenced to 30 days in jail, credited with 28 days of time served. He also received two years of probation and was ordered to pay restitution. The other two men involved had reached similar plea deals last year.
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Fatal Snowmobile Crash in Minocqua
Published on 01/22/2019 under News One person has died following an overnight snowmobile crash in Minocqua. According to the Minocqua Police Department, responders were called to South Stone Lake Road at around 2:30 this morning. When Officers arrived on the scene they found that the operator was traveling on an unmarked trail down the road. The preliminary investigation showed that the operator struck a metal gate that was closed on the roadway. The 25 year old was pronounced dead on the scene. His name is being withheld pending notification of family. The crash is currently under investigation.
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Eagle River Business Finishes Runner-Up in Makeover Constet
Published on 01/22/2019 under News A Northwoods business, named a finalist for a 'Main Street Makeover,' has finished a runner up. The annual contest was put on by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. As we told you last month, Arrow Gift Shop, in downtown Eagle River, was one of five businesses in the running for a $10,000 makeover this spring. The WEDC has now named Anthony's 511, a barbershop in Watertown, as the grand prize winner. The makeover is expected to take place over a two day period in April. As a runner-up, Arrow Gift Shop and the other finalists will still receive "outreach and technical assistance from WEDC community development staff and their local Main Street program to help them achieve their business goals." The WEDC says, a total of 20 applications were received from businesses from Wisconsin's 34 designated Main Street districts.
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"Volunteer Fair" in Rhinelander Aims to Pair Potential Volunteers with Organizations
Published on 01/22/2019 under News The generosity of the Northwoods is no secret with people donating their dollars and time to organizations in every community. Typically those people have some connection to the non-profit they work with. But what about those who want to help, and aren't sure where? Coming up today, the Rhinelander community will seek to assist those individuals with the unique idea of a "Volunteer Fair." Set up like a typical job fair or college fair, around two dozen organizations in need of volunteer help will be set up at the Trig's Riverwalk this morning and afternoon. Their goal is to form a long-lasting partnership between potential volunteers and those in need of help. They'll be set up at the Trig's Riverwalk on Courtney Street from 10am to 2pm today.
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Natural Resources Board Exploring Reduction of Bear Pemits, Length of Crossbow Season
Published on 01/22/2019 under News The length of the crossbow season and black bear harvest quotas are among the topics being discussed during the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board meetings the next two days. According to the meeting agenda, the board will explore reducing the black bear harvest quotas in three of the state's four zones. The goal would be to reduce the overall harvest by approximately 700 bear. The largest decrease would be in zone A, here in Northern Wisconsin. The goal would be to reduce the harvest from 1250 down to 900. To achieve that goal, they would reduce the permits by 540 tags. The crossbow/deer topic is listed as "informational." They're studying ways to "equalize buck harvest success rates." This would be accomplished by reducing the success of the crossbow season, to levels near to the gun and bow seasons. According to the study, the only option the board has within the rules is to reduce the length of the season. The background information has 7 options to do so, including: reducing time at the start or end of the seasons; in the lead to or immediately after the gun season; or intermittent weekday or weekend closures. Other topics on the agenda include the migratory bird season framework, setting the public hearing questions for the spring meetings, and a donation to cover the cost of planting 100,000 tree seedlings on DNR lands. While the meetings are held in Madison Tuesday and Wednesday, the DNR does stream them on their website.
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Tomahawk Police Report
Published on 01/22/2019 under News A South Tomahawk Avenue business discovered an attempted break-in which occurred at some point last week. No entry was gained, but the owner discovered lock damage and pry marks. Officers are following up. A highway worker came across a lock box near the Highway 51/Wisconsin River Bridge and turned over to police. In opening the box, they discovered drug paraphernalia, but no identifying markers. A business reported an individual attempted to pay with cash. They discovered that several of the $1 bills were discovered as counterfeit. They did not feel as though the customer was responsible for the counterfeiting. Officers were called to a physical altercation involving two family members at a Tomahawk residence. After speaking with the parties involved, a 20 year old male was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.
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