Hatchet Wrestlers Win Bluejay Inviational Published on 01/07/2019 under Sports
On Saturday, the Tomahawk Hatchet Wrestling Team won the Merrill Bluejay Invitational.  Tomahawk scored 426 points, with Wausau West second, Prairie Du Chien third and Merrill finishing fourth.

Here are individual results from Saturday's meet:

Blake Felser (17-6) placed 5th and scored 30.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by decision over Trevor Schenzel (Merrill) 12-14 (Dec 4-2)
• Round 2 - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Julia Cox (Barron) 6-15 (Fall 3:09)
• Round 3 - Tim Fox (Rhinelander) 15-7 won by fall over Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 (Fall 2:13)
• Consolation Bracket - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Hunter Feyereisen (Saint Croix Central) 8-8 (Fall 1:10)
• 5th Place Match - Blake Felser (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over David Hughes (Chippewa Falls) 12-9 (Fall 3:06)
Gage Robinson (10-6) placed 6th and scored 26.5 team points.
• Round 1 - Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 won by major decision over Colton Cahill (Amherst) 3-7 (MD 12-0)
• Round 2 - Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Jacob Pease (Wausau West) 14-4 won by decision over Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 (Dec 8-6)
• Consolation Bracket - Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 won by tech fall over Zander Ginet (Three Lakes/Phelps) 9-12 (TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0))
• 5th Place Match - Harry Nemcek (Lakeland/Mercer) 19-11 won by major decision over Gage Robinson (Tomahawk) 10-6 (MD 20-7)
Lance Knight (21-6) placed 5th and scored 31.5 team points.
• Round 1 - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by fall over Trevor Schunk (Crandon) 5-9 (Fall 1:29)
• Round 2 - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by fall over Will Swanson (Rhinelander) 5-15 (Fall 0:49)
• Round 3 - David Olson (Saint Croix Central) 13-9 won by decision over Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 (Dec 7-3)
• Consolation Bracket - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by fall over Max Kersten (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 3-7 (Fall 0:25)
• 5th Place Match - Lance Knight (Tomahawk) 21-6 won by tech fall over Dejsia Yang (Wausau West) 16-11 (TF-1.5 5:01 (15-0))
Luke Knight (22-5) placed 5th and scored 31.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 won by fall over Sylas Schaberg (Amherst) 5-10 (Fall 0:49)
• Quarterfinal - Tim Burnett (Lakeland/Mercer) 16-10 won by fall over Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 (Fall 3:14)
• Cons. Round 2 - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 won by major decision over Kyle Wiseman (Adams-Friendship) 13-8 (MD 16-3)
• 5th Place Match - Luke Knight (Tomahawk) 22-5 won by decision over Bryce Zoromski (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 17-9 (Dec 7-0)
Alex Bishop (18-5) placed 2nd and scored 40.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 won by fall over Alex Martinez (Barron) 8-17 (Fall 1:36)
• Round 3 - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 won by fall over Alex Lorbecke (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 9-10 (Fall 2:22)
• Championship Bracket - Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 won by decision over Gabriel Ramos (Wausau West) 19-9 (Dec 10-7)
• 1st Place Match - Keenan Holley (Prairie du Chien) 12-7 won in sudden victory - 1 over Alex Bishop (Tomahawk) 18-5 (SV-1 6-4)
Logan Bishop (21-5) placed 2nd and scored 41.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 won by fall over Bradley Shepherd (Crandon) 7-6 (Fall 4:28)
• Round 3 - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 won by major decision over Tyler Dormanen (Boyceville) 10-10 (MD 12-0)
• Championship Bracket - Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 won by fall over Lucas Wanty (Three Lakes/Phelps) 9-6 (Fall 3:02)
• 1st Place Match - Reid Koenig (Prairie du Chien) 16-3 won by fall over Logan Bishop (Tomahawk) 21-5 (Fall 0:27)
Isaiah Sheffler (14-10) placed 9th and scored 20.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Jakob Lipinski (Edgar) 12-9 won by fall over Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 (Fall 1:37)
• Round 2 - Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Traeton Saint (Prairie du Chien) 19-5 won by fall over Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 (Fall 1:23)
• Consolation Bracket - Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 received a bye () (Bye)
• 9th Place Match - Isaiah Sheffler (Tomahawk) 14-10 won by decision over Jonas Hicks (Adams-Friendship) 5-13 (Dec 2-1)
Marcus Matti (11-12) placed 11th and scored 12.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Will Urquhart (Wittenberg-Birnamwood) 15-11 won by decision over Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 (Dec 7-2)
• Round 2 - Brock Schlough (Boyceville) 26-0 won by fall over Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 (Fall 2:08)
• Round 3 - Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 won by decision over Logan Shackelton (Saint Croix Central) 2-12 (Dec 8-5)
• Consolation Bracket - Anthony Kujawa (Adams-Friendship) 7-6 won by fall over Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 (Fall 3:26)
• 11th Place Match - Marcus Matti (Tomahawk) 11-12 won by decision over Dillan Adams (Barron) 5-7 (Dec 9-2)
Wyatt Wenninger (24-5) placed 2nd and scored 42.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Cassius Ramirez (Sun Prairie) 2-6 (Fall 0:30)
• Round 2 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Trystan Sanderfoot (Three Lakes/Phelps) 7-11 (Fall 0:54)
• Round 3 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Isaac Avery (Prairie du Chien) 11-12 (Fall 1:53)
• Championship Bracket - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 won by fall over Ross Kaz (Chippewa Falls) 19-10 (Fall 5:10)
• 1st Place Match - Ty Guden (Edgar) 15-2 won by decision over Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 24-5 (Dec 3-1)
Ryan Skyees (10-13) placed 10th and scored 16.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Tyler Smock (Prairie du Chien) 18-9 won by fall over Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 (Fall 1:02)
• Round 2 - Harry Nawrot (Adams-Friendship) 15-5 won by fall over Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 (Fall 1:10)
• Round 3 - Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 received a bye () (Bye)
• Consolation Bracket - Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 won by decision over Ethan Cordova (Merrill) 7-14 (Dec 6-3)
• 9th Place Match - RJ Knetter (Edgar) 12-6 won by fall over Ryan Skyees (Tomahawk) 10-13 (Fall 1:43)
Kade Wenninger (17-6) placed 5th and scored 32.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Forfeit Forfeit (Prairie du Chien) 8-10 (Fall 1:33)
• Round 2 - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Brock Handrick (Edgar) 20-2 won by fall over Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 (Fall 1:02)
• Consolation Bracket - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Ben Sinclair (Rhinelander) 14-8 (Fall 4:55)
• 5th Place Match - Kade Wenninger (Tomahawk) 17-6 won by fall over Nathan LaRue (Wausau West) 15-12 (Fall 3:18)
Eric Decker (21-4) placed 1st and scored 50.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Jordan Haag (Barron) 7-19 (Fall 0:28)
• Round 3 - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Joseph Nienow (Wausau West) 7-12 (Fall 2:22)
• Championship Bracket - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Justyn Kniprath (Adams-Friendship) 11-7 (Fall 1:26)
• 1st Place Match - Eric Decker (Tomahawk) 21-4 won by fall over Brendan Shannon (Sun Prairie) 16-8 (Fall 4:46)
Tony Matti (23-5) placed 3rd and scored 38.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 2 - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 received a bye () (Bye)
• Round 3 - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 won by fall over Lucas Edelburg (Amherst) 10-9 (Fall 1:01)
• Championship Bracket - Colten Wall (Prairie du Chien) 12-5 won by fall over Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 (Fall 3:19)
• 3rd Place Match - Tony Matti (Tomahawk) 23-5 won by forfeit over Luke Wright (Prairie du Chien) 14-4 (For.)
Austin Leinen (12-9) placed 11th and scored 16.0 team points.
• Round 1 - Ryan McKibben (Edgar) 15-8 won by fall over Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 (Fall 1:47)
• Round 2 - John Farkas (Amherst) 16-6 won by fall over Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 (Fall 0:32)
• Round 3 - Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 won by fall over Mickie Wiza (Almond-Bancroft/Pacelli) 1-9 (Fall 2:34)
• Consolation Bracket - Vaughn Albrecht (Merrill) 10-5 won by fall over Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 (Fall 1:47)
• 11th Place Match - Austin Leinen (Tomahawk) 12-9 won by fall over William Weise (Barron) 10-17 (Fall 0:57)

In Other News

Fatal Accident in Price County
Published on 03/25/2019 under News One person has died following a weekend crash in Price County. That accident happened Sunday morning at just before 11am. The vehicle was traveling along Highway 70 in the Town of Fifield. Officials say the driver lost control and left the roadway. The vehicle then struck several trees and caught fire. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the victim was not immediately released. Officials continue to investigate.
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Tomahawk Area Wins "Snowmobile Friendly" Distinction
Published on 03/25/2019 under News It's no secret to locals that the Tomahawk area is a fantastic destination to snowmobile, and now the area clubs have an award to prove it. The Association of Snowmobile Clubs of Wisconsin held their annual convention over the weekend in Green Bay. The organization made up of more than 600 Wisconsin based snowmobile clubs is celebrating their 50th year. As part of the anniversary, they awarded the Tomahawk area with the recognition as a "Snowmobile Friendly Community" in the state of Wisconsin. Among the clubs sharing the award: Northwoods Passage, Northwoods Riders, Northern Trails, Knight Owls, and Harshaw Wanderers. The local clubs had several representatives on hand in Green Bay to accept the award. Just nine communities around the state received the distinction.
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South African Musician Shares Songs with Tomahawk Community
Published on 03/25/2019 under News A talented musician from halfway around the world has called Tomahawk home for the past few weeks, and yesterday he shared his gift with community. Trevor Sampson paid a visit to the WJJQ studios in the lead up to his concert yesterday at Grace Lutheran Church. The native of South Africa had previously been in the area and said, "I can write here." That lead to this month's visit to a small cabin with his wife. In addition to living with snow for the first time, Sampson said he "wrote more than enough for an album." He says he hopes to be back next year to share his music inspired by the Northwoods. Yesterday, he spent some time with the Grace choir during the morning service before "being turned loose" with his own concert in the afternoon. We've uploaded our conversation with Sampson in the WJJQ audio center. During his visit, Sampson played several songs as well.
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DNR Reviewing Bear Management Plan; Several Info Sessions in Northwoods
Published on 03/25/2019 under News Wisconsin wildlife officials are busy updating the management plan for the black bear and are inviting the public to weigh in starting this week. The Department of Natural Resources has revised the plan to outline objectives and strategies to guide black bear management in the state from 2019-2029. Scott Walter, DNR Large Carnivore Specialist says, "The management plan emphasizes the science-based approach to managing our state's black bear population and will also address current issues such as range expansion into southern counties, agricultural damage, and hunting opportunity. Given the ecological importance of black bears and their direct relevance to so many people, we're excited to get this plan into the hands of the public." As part of the process DNR staff will be offering 6 different informational sessions around the state. That includes two in our listening area; Wausau on April 2 and Woodruff April 3. The plan is also available online and they'll accept online comments starting Monday and through April 14.
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Lincoln County Sheriff's Report: Remember Burning Rules as Snow Melts
Published on 03/25/2019 under News With the snow cover decreasing everyday, local law enforcement are reminding people about burning rules. In the Lincoln County Sheriff's Report, they said more than 20 people contacted their agency regarding brush burning this past week. They ask people burning near well-traveled areas to contact the non-emergency line at the Sheriff's Office prior to burning. They also said, "As the snow melts, the risk of fires increase and a permit will be required once the ground is bare." A 29 year old Tomahawk man was arrested Tuesday afternoon on a warrant charge. When contact was made the man provided a false name twice before running into his house. The man eventually surrendered and was brought to the Lincoln County Jail on the warrant, he was also charged with obstructing an officer. A 17 year old Merrill man was arrested Saturday evening on a charge of second degree sexual assault of a child. One caller reported that a scammer tried to convince him that he owed money to Wisconsin Public Service. Numerous law enforcement agencies have reported that they are receiving reports of scam attempts using WPS. You are reminded that a public utility will never ask you to provide them with gift cards for payment. We'll have more on these scam calls Tuesday morning. Nine people reported striking deer in Lincoln County last week. That was up significantly from earlier this month
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Northwoods Snowmobile Season Comes to Close on Sunday
Published on 03/22/2019 under News After two and a half months of riding, the Northwoods snowmobile season will largely come to close at the end of the weekend. The Lincoln County Forestry, Land, and Parks Department announced the closure of the remaining trails in Zone 1 as of Sunday. Zones 2-4 had already closed over the past few weeks. It's a similar story up in Vilas County. Their 11 club snowmobile alliance voted unanimously to close their trails Sunday. And earlier this morning Oneida County made the call for Sunday, as well. After a snow-filled February, the clubs had hoped there was enough snow built up to make it until the end of March, but the mild temps and sunshine closed that door. It was a mixed bag of riding throughout the season. Most clubs opened their trails between Christmas and New Years. With the closure of the trails this weekend, it will also mark the end of our snowmobile trail reports for the season.
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Special Olympics World Games Comes to Close; Tomahawk Coach Returning Home
Published on 03/22/2019 under News An emotional day capped a whirlwind three weeks for a Tomahawk Special Olympics coach. We've been following the World Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi over the past week. Tomahawk's Bonnie Kahn was part of the 300+ member delegation of Team USA, coaching the track and field athletes. The athletes were actually competing in the summer games which were moved into March because of the heat in the summer months during the traditional dates. Over the past week, Kahn has shared the emotional ups and downs of the athletes from DQ's to gold medals. Yesterday, she once again experienced the spectacle of the closing games. She highlighted a performance of the "bearded lady from Greatest Show on Earth singing This Is Me while fireworks are going off all around the stadium." Tim Shriver, son of Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver also spoke. After a short sleep, the squad was up early for their return trip to New York, where they'll have a final send off dinner. Kahn will then be on her way back to the Northwoods. The ESPN/ABC family of networks has been covering the games and have a "Best of" program scheduled a week from Saturday on March 30 at 2pm on ABC. Kahn has been communicating with the community via her blog. (We also had Kahn on our Morning Forum before she left, available in the WJJQ Audio Center)
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Fix-a-Leak Week Reminds that a Drip Adds Up
Published on 03/22/2019 under News A small drip can lead to a climbing water utility bill. The DNR is partnering with the US Environmental Protection Agency to observe 'Fix-a-Leak' week. As part of the campaign the remind homeowners that leaks can waste thousands of gallons or more per year. Adam Frienhoefer is a DNR water use section chief. He says, "Finding leaks and fixing or replacing inefficient water fixtures, can save homeowners more than 10 percent on water bills while at the same time conserving our water resources." In order to save your wallet and the environment they recommend taking a few minutes this week to check for leaks in your home including faucets, showerheads, and fixtures. -Checking for leaks. Look for dripping faucets, showerheads, and fixture connections. -Check toilets by putting a few drops of food coloring into the tank, wait 15 minutes before flushing and see if the color appears in the bowl. If it does, you have a leak. Make sure to flush as soon as your test is completed as food coloring can stain. As the weather warms, don't forget to check irrigation systems and outdoor spigots, too. -Twisting and tightening pipe connections. To save more water without a noticeable difference in flow, twist on a faucet aerator with a WaterSense label. Aerators add air into the water stream, so you use less water to wash your hands or brush teeth without noticing a difference in water flow. -Replacing inefficient fixtures, if necessary. Look for WaterSense-labeled models, which are independently tested and certified to use 20 percent less water and perform as well as, or better than, standard models.
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Area Reservoirs Coming Up with Spring Thaw
Published on 03/22/2019 under News With the spring thaw well underway, residents on area waterways are closely monitoring reservoir levels which are beginning to come up rapidly. According to data from Wisconsin Valley Improvement, three of their five reservoirs came up significantly this week. For example, the Eau Plaine came up 6.5 feet over the past week. It's now at 3.5 feet below full. Nokomis came up a foot and a half and is now at 5.75 feet down. The Rainbow came up approximately a foot and is at 7.5 feet below full. The Willow and Spirit were steady at 7 and 6.5 feet respectively.
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Tomahawk Police Report
Published on 03/22/2019 under News Scammers continue to target Northwoods residents, this past week a Tomahawk woman was targeted on her computer. The scammers communicated with the woman that she had a virus that needed to be fixed. The scammers gained remote access of her computer and demanded $350 for repairs. No money was exchanged. The woman was advised to disconnect the computer from the internet. She still had protection services through an area electronics store to unlock the computer. Officers conducted a traffic stop and learned a 25 year old male had a warrant. He'll also be cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. The officer recovered marijuana from the purse of a female passenger. The 35 year old will be cited for possession of THC. A River Street resident reported some small items missing from their home after vacation. There was no forced entry, and they theorized someone may have found a hidden spare key. Officers were contacted by Probation and Parole regarding a warrant for a 51 year old male. The agent was contacted after the man allegedly threatened a neighbor over a shared parking area. The other individual did not want to pursue the threat complaint further.
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