2019 Spring Turkey Harvest Steady Published on 06/12/2019 under News Preliminary totals show Wisconsin's turkey harvest during the recently completed spring season were nearly identical to last year.

According to statistics provided by the DNR, hunters registered 38,556 birds this year, compared to 38,885 in 2018. With the number of turkey tags nearly the same as well, the success rate was relatively flat at just over 18 percent.

DNR upland wildlife ecologist Mark Witecha says they did receive a fair number of reports of uncharacteristic turkey breeding behavior with toms being less responsive in the early and middle time periods. Despite that he still called it an "excellent year in the field."

In addition to the spring turkey hunter, the DNR also offers a fall hunt, though it is typically not as popular as the spring season.

In Other News

Gov. Evers Applies for Federal Disaster Aid for Oneida, Forest, Langlade Counties
Published on 08/20/2019 under News Gov. Tony Evers has requested a federal disaster declaration for 18 Wisconsin counties and two tribes for damage sustained from severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding in July. The request would provide federal disaster assistance to help local governments and electric cooperatives recover some of their costs from responding to the storms, protecting citizens, removing debris, and repairing roads and other infrastructure. Homeowners and businesses are not eligible for this type of funding. Evers says, "Damage assessments by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) verified more than $19.5 million in eligible damages." That request includes: Forest, Langlade and Oneida Counties. In the letter, Gov. Evers noted the region being covered by scenic forested lands and the potential economic impact of an area that relies heavily on the tourism and forestry industries. The request includes verified damage estimates for Langlade County at $787,000; Oneida County at $212,000; and Forest County at $70,000. (Photo of tree damage in Oneida County.)
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Merrill Special Council Meeting to Discuss City Administrator Position
Published on 08/20/2019 under News Over the past six months, the City of Merrill has seen a recall election and an alderman resign. Now, a special council meeting this evening will consider eliminating the City Administrator position. The proposal and reasoning are included in a letter from Mayor Derek Woellner dated August 16. In it, he he calls the proposal "the first step towards savings." He writes that "the 2020 budget will require cuts" and sees eliminating the city administrator position as a way to save $72,000. He notes that "the (city administrator) position offers great service, but the service is ultimately to the council and employees, much more so that to the end-user. The current administrator contract would require 6 months notice and severance. The topic is one of two items on the special meeting agenda at 6pm.
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Elevated Levels of PFAs Found in Crescent Town Spring
Published on 08/20/2019 under News The Oneida County Health Department is warning residents about the presence of polyfluoroalkyl substances in the Town of Crescent town spring. According to a news release, the Health Department tested the spring on South River Road for PFA's on July 31. Test results received last week indicated elevated levels. PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that have been used in non-stick cookware, water-repellent clothing, stain resistant fabrics and carpets, some cosmetics, some firefighting foams, and products that resist grease, water, and oil. While Wisconsin does not have a standard for PFAs, the levels in Crescent are higher than the guidance values. The Health Department says they are taking a proactive approach and posting a sign advising community members. At this time, OCHD recommends that if you are concerned about your private well, you should find an alternative source of water. At this time, municipal water is safe to drink and is considered a known safe source. They also note that boiling water does not reduce PFA concentrations. A source for the PFAs is still unknown and the DNR investigation is ongoing and could take several months up to a year. The Oneida County Health Department has additional resources on PFAs.
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Tips for Navigating a Roundabout
Published on 08/20/2019 under News With the Highway 8 and 47 roundabout in Rhinelander set to open today, the DoT has been providing some tips on social media for those not familiar with navigating the circular intersections. DoT crash statistics show that roundabouts reduce fatal crashes about 90%, reduce injury crashes about 75%, and reduce overall crashes about 35%, when compared to other types of intersection control. As for driving in roundabouts... •Here in the United States (and countries that drive on the right) roundabouts go in a counter clockwise direction. •As you enter the roundabout, slowdown and yield to pedestrians and vehicles already in the roundabout. Don't stop in a roundabout, and use your turn signal before exiting. •And the rules when encountering an emergency vehicle, the DoT says if you haven't entered the roundabout, pull over as you normally would. If you have already entered the roundabout continue to your exit and then pull over after leaving the roundabout to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. The DoT has additional tips and illustrations on their website.
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Lincoln County Board Considering North Central Healthcare Operation of Pinecrest
Published on 08/20/2019 under News The Lincoln County Board is set to consider a proposal this evening that would see North Central Health Care take over operations of Pinecrest Nursing home. Due to a retirement in administration this spring, North Central has been managing the facility over the past 90 days. During that time, they were also tasked with a review of operations. Late last month, North Central CEO Michael Loy recommended North Central continue to operate Pinecrest on behalf of the County. They anticipate minimal changes for residents of the facility and the community, but hope to alleviate some of the budget concerns in recent years. North Central is a tri-county partnership governed by Lincoln, Langlade, and Marathon Counties.
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Tomahawk Hatchet Girls Swimming Team Begins Season
Published on 08/20/2019 under Sports The Tomahawk Hatchet Girls Swimming Team has their first regular season action on Wednesday, August 21 as they compete in the Colby Invitational.  The action begins at 2:00 pm. Then on Thursday, Tomahawk will compete in the Fun in the Sun Outdoor Meet at the MARC in Merrill.  That meet begins at 5:30 pm. Northwoods 92-5 and wjjq.com will have highlights of both meets.
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Update: Tomahawk Hotel Set to Re-Open Following Legionnaires Cases
Published on 08/19/2019 under News We have learned that the Rodeway Inn and Suites in Tomahawk is set to re-open after two reported cases of Legoinnaire's Disease linked to the motel. The motel was shutdown over the weekend for treatments of the water system. _____ Health officials are investigating two cases of Legionnaires' disease in Tomahawk. The Lincoln County Health Department reported that two individuals became ill with Legionnaires' over the past year. The Health Department says in both instances, the illnesses occurred within two weeks following a stay at the Rodeway Inn and Suites. As a result, the Rodeway was closed until the source of Legionella is determined. The Health Department says that Legionnaires' is a serious type of pneumonia. It is spread when people breathe in small droplets of water that contain Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria are found naturally in the environment, usually in fresh water. The bacteria grow best in warm water and can be found in shower heads and faucets, hot tubs, cooling towers, hot water tanks, decorative fountains or plumbing systems in large buildings. The Health Department says Legionnaires' disease is treated with antibiotics, and most people who get sick make a full recovery. Most healthy people exposed to Legionella do not get sick at all. However, people at increased risk of getting sick are 50 years or older, current or former smokers, people with chronic lung disease or weak immune systems. The Lincoln County Health Department has additional information on Legionnaires' Disease. (Photo: Microscopic image of Legionella from Centers for Disease Control.)
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Fatal UTV Crash at Boulder Jct. Campground
Published on 08/19/2019 under News One person died following a UTV crash late last week at a campground in Vilas County. The Vilas County Sheriff reported that the incident happened late Thursday at Camp Holiday Campground in Boulder Junction. According to the initial investigation, the UTV rolled pinning the operator underneath. Employees at the Campground utilized a tractor to lift the machine off the operator. CPR was performed, but the man died prior to arriving at the hospital. His name wasn't immediately released. The crash is being investigated by the Vilas County Sheriff's Office and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
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Lake Minocqua Hosts 4th Annual Dragon Boat Festival
Published on 08/19/2019 under News Lake Minocqua was a sight to behold this weekend as they hosted their fourth annual Dragon Boat Festival. Nearly two dozen teams competed in the 300 meter course. The 45 foot long boats hold 20 paddlers, a steer person, and a drummer. The event serves as a fundraiser for the Howard Young Foundation. In pre-race pledges alone, the nearly two dozen teams had committed $34,000. That was led by the Sea Merchants team made up of co-workers, family, and friends of Trig's. Specifically Trig's in our Northwoods territory including Minocqua, Eagle River, Rhinelander and Manitowish Waters. Combined with their Fiery Fresh team from their southern locations, the two Trig's squads alone raised nearly $17,000. In addition to the Dragon Boat Races, the festival has a growing number of celebrations and dragon themed activities out of Torpy Park.
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Road Construction Update
Published on 08/19/2019 under News A quick update on the road construction projects from the Department of Transportation. For the Highway 45 project in Eagle River that got underway last week...This week crews are scheduled to continue grading for new sidewalk areas, begin installation of curb and gutter, sidewalk and ADA compliant ramps. Electrical crews will begin traffic signal work at various intersections. On the Highway 86 project here in Lincoln County...Crews will continue the bridge deck overlay and will also be working on the bridge approach. Away from the bridge, crews will also be completing some curb and gutter work. Over in Rhinelander, the DoT plans on opening the roundabout at the 8 and 47 intersection in Rhinelander at some point Tuesday. With this being one of the first roundabouts in the Northwoods, we'll share some tips from the DoT on navigating a roundabout coming up on the Tuesday Morning Sunrise Show.
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